1. The Message : 2013-14 : Acrylic & ink

    This has taken me a year to complete. I am trying to understand my experiences, and trying to evoke my visions. It has been the most difficult painting, and the most rewarding. I am so happy to have completed it, and to continue this path.

    Samantha Cimino
    (all images copyright)

  2. Better photos of some small paintings done over the past year.
    <3 S. Cimino

  3. Reviving my art blog!

    Here are small pieces I’ve been doing this year. It’s been a weird transitional time in my life, but I will be back in the world refreshed & renewed in no time.

    Love <3 S. Cimino

  4. My piece for the Frida show, still up at Gallery Mini in Portland.

  5. Very pleased to be part of a Frida Kahlo tribute show at Gallery Mini (SE 8th and Main) on August 2nd. All my life I’ve been surrounded by images of Frida, thanks to my father’s loving interest in Latin art and culture. When I really began to appreciate art, her work was incredible to me. I read a biography (by Hayden Herrara - I recommend it) and was immensely inspired and in awe by her life. Reading that book changed me forever. Her persistence and dedication to her art which was used as an expressive release for her pain is wonderful, and her embrace of death and life and love made me have a whole different outlook on my own life. Her work is expression of woman in pain, but persistence through love. Frida is a very powerful and amazing woman and soul… Her life and her art inspires me in so many ways.

    I hope my piece honors her enough! Wish I had more time to work on it… Please come by if you are in Portland!

  6. Some drawings I’ve done in the past two months. It’s been a very fertile time for art!
    I’m beginning to see a clear path to go into creatively and I’m finding the purpose of my art. I am very excited of what is to come.

    I’ve moved into a house, which is a complete change from living in a teeny tiny apartment. Now there are fun and creative people around me, and plenty of space to meditate and paint. I have also started taking burlesque classes, so to me it is a new medium to work with. I’m extremely enthusiastic about delving into performing, since its something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. I personally can’t wait to see what I come up with.

    I’m working towards my goals more strongly than ever before, and it’s truly exciting. We will see what comes about…

    Enjoy the art and expect more! <3 

    (All images copyright Samantha Cimino)


  7. "The most effective weapon against the flux of nature is art. Religion, ritual, and art began as one, and a religious or metaphysical element is still present in all art. Art, no matter how minimalist, is never simply design. It is always a ritualistic reordering of reality. The enterprise of art, in a stable collective era or an unsettled individualistic one, is inspired by anxiety. Every subject localized and honored by art is endangered by its opposite. Art is a shutting in in order to shut out. Art is a ritualistic binding of the perpetual motion machine that is nature. The first artist was a tribal priest casting a spell, fixing nature’s daemonic energy in a moment of perceptual stillness. Fixation is at the heart of art, fixation as stasis and fixation as obsession. The modern artist who merely draws a line across a page is still trying to tame some uncontrollable aspect of reality. Art is spellbinding. Art fixes the audience in its seat, stops the feet before a painting, fixes a book in the hand. Contemplation is a magic act."
    — Camille Paglia, from Sexual Personae.

  8. "The writer is the duelist who never fights at the stated hour, who gathers the insult like another curiosity, spreads it afterward on his desk and fights then, alone. Some people call it weakness. I call it postponement. What is a weakness in a man is the glory of an artist, his quality. What I spill in talk or acts rarely is restituted in writing. What is preserved, collected, is what explodes later in propitious solitude. That is why the artist is the loneliest man in the world: because he lives, fights, wars, dies, is reborn alone, and always alone."
    — Anais Nin
  9. Studies of the moon, after seeing the gorgeous full moon the other night.
    April 2013

  10. sgough13:

    Hans Belmer

    Interesting Facts about the artist:

    German photographer, sculptor, printmaker, painter and writer. As a child he developed fear and hatred for his tyrannical father, who totally dominated his gentle and affectionate mother. He and his younger brother Fritz found refuge from this oppressive family atmosphere in a secret garden decorated with toys and souvenirs and visited by young girls who joined in sexual games. In 1923 Bellmer was sent by his father to study engineering at the Technische Hochschule in Berlin, but he became interested in politics, reading the works of Marx and Lenin and joining in discussions with artists of the Dada Movement. 

    In 2006 the Whitechapel Gallery in London removed 12 works by Hans Bellmer from an exhibition, for fear that the sexual overtones would be offensive to the neighborhood’s Muslim population.