1. a few thursdays ago i went down to the pearl district for my first ‘first thursday’ experience. the streets were crowded with people, some for the art galleries and some for cinco de mayo. galleries were lit up and all in clusters and it was exciting and wonderful.

    anyways, i found myself in a gallery of an awesome artsy t-shirt shop and as soon as i walk in i say “wait a minute… i’ve seen these photos. i follow this girl on tumblr!” and it was absolutely lovely to see megan mcisaac’s photos in person, large and vivid. i really, really love her photos, this is photography from the soul and with an intense but gentle depiction of beauty. her portraits (especially of her friend above) and self-portraits are my favorites. that night i stared at the ones hanging for a very long time, and could have gazed for longer. they are beautiful and fill me up with passion for life.

    you should definitely follow her on tumblr if you haven’t already.

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