1. last night i watched divine trash, a documentary about john waters’ early films. being from baltimore its impossible not to have an appreciation for john waters. what’s so admirable is his “fearless freak” attitude. he wants to be as weird as possible, maybe even tries really hard to be weird but even so, its pushing against the grain and defying conventions. aside from that, his dedication and intent focus on his film is so inspiring and really shows if you work hard and do something different people will appreciate it. i think its also great how he worked with friends and used them in almost all his movies, and made them do disgusting and strange things. and of course i love divine, with her insane acting and crazy yet wonderful appearance, she really made his movies. not everything john waters does sits well with me, but i appreciate everything he does, and it definitely makes me proud to be from such a weird city. 

    watch it, its great! i’m also reading his new book role models, which is pretty cool as well. (you can get it signed from atomic books, which is what a good friend did for me). john waters really inspires me to be as weird as i want to be, not worry about what anyone thinks, to work and be dedicated to my art, and to be unconventional and different, which is what i always want to do. so thanks, john, for reinforcing those ideas for me.

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